social media in libraries?

This may be a result of my newbie status, but I feel like there’s rather a lot of participation in social media by librarians and information workers, but not nearly as much social media reaching out to information users.

At the moment I have at least thirteen librarian and library blogs in my instance of Google Reader, and am following many libraries and information organizations on Twitter, but the instances which are oriented toward users don’t really seem to publish much. My local example, the San Francisco Public Library, has a blog for most of its branches, and some departments at the Main have their own blogs as well, and the blogs I’ve chosen to follow only seem to get a few entries each month. These entries are usually oriented toward promoting programming, and the new user might think there were only a few events each month.

On the other hand, the blogosphere is a really awesome resource for up-and-coming information workers. There’s plenty of experience out there and so much of it is made so easily available for everyone to use.