2 thoughts on “since I did diss on google glass earlier this week …

  1. Leesa Harmon says:

    Henry, I saw an article today ( I think CNN) on how Google is cracking down on people who have access to Google Glass. It seems as though they forbidding those who obtain the object from selling it. One guy had his listed on Ebay this week and cancelled the auction, fearing reprise from Google. The bids were at $90,000 when he closed the auction! Google, along with Oracle and other software makers, are applauding a recent finding by a judge that users have no rights to sell software if the makers forbid it. I understand the MPA is thrilled with this verdict as well. Interesting times we are living in!

  2. Judy Stencel says:

    I had actually seen a video about Google Glass before and never really thought about the privacy concerns before. I think now that the technology is here, Google needs to find a way to allow users to utilize it for the betterment of society. Some of the seven things on the blog post you linked to could be very beneficial to libraries.

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