This is why I’m here …

Reflective practice is one of the reasons I’ve made my switch to librarianship. I have worked in technology for a very long time, but in capacities which haven’t really encouraged reflective practice. Technology moves so quickly that many feel there really isn’t time for reflective practice–“be nimble, be quick” is seen to conflict with this. […]

the annoying side of disruptive technology

It is often true that, when technology disrupts our existence, it starts subtly … when Facebook appeared on the scene it was limited to university undergraduates (and so its impact was limited to that population). When Twitter appeared many people were interested but didn’t quite know what to do with it. Lately, though, everyone knows […]

Social Media Policy

I was, initially, divided over which assignment to do for this requirement. Each assignment had plusses and minuses. At the end of the day, though, I find myself more and more interested in social media and so the social media policy became more appealing and so that is what I’ve done. I also liked the […]

Connecting to all members

Using Facebook for this purpose has a bunch of downsides … many related to the ownership and management of Facebook. Specifically, the Facebook discussion in the lecture made me think of my own usage of Facebook. I am probably an early adopter of Facebook for my age group although this is almost certainly an accident—Facebook […]

On transparency …

While working through this week’s transparency readings I was struck by the tone of some of the work. It all felt very serious, “you must do this!” … very strident. Of course, this happens because transparency is really important for our institutions (not just for libraries but for most of the institutions that we interact […]

Context book report: Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins

Introduction Immediately after announcing my choice for this report (Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins) I began to wonder if I had made a mistake. My personal relationship to popular culture is a bit outside the mainstream. I prefer live stage shows (live music, live dramatic performances, live musicals) over movies, I don’t read much fiction […]