on participatory librarianship

This is Tasha … she is 23 years old! One of my homework supervisors. I wanted to help people solve problems. I didn’t care about books (well, I did and I do, but this was far from my motivation to go to library school). I already knew I was good with problems, and sharing that […]

Too many techno-negatives!

The challenges related to technology which were identified in Michael’s white paper “The Hyperlinked Library” felt very familiar. Having worked with technology for a very long time I’ve sometimes felt these myself and have helped others overcome these challenges. Techno-hesitation is particularly vexatious. It’s not just libraries which face this problem; for many of us […]

Context Book Report: a choice for unusual reasons?

I’ve decided to read Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture and then report on this work in my context book report. A few reasons for this choice: During the 1980s and early 1990’s I worked at MIT. Occasionally I would receive a misdirected email message for him (our email addresses were different by just one character) and […]

main() { printf(“hello, worldn”); }

I am Henry Mensch, a second-year part-time LIS student at the Syracuse University iSchool. My studies are nearly complete–I expect to complete my degree (as well as a Certificate in Digital Libraries) in late December. While I’ve lived in San Francisco for more than twenty years, I was born and raised in the Bronx and […]