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I am Henry Mensch, a second-year part-time LIS student at the Syracuse University iSchool. My studies are nearly complete–I expect to complete my degree (as well as a Certificate in Digital Libraries) in late December.

While I’ve lived in San Francisco for more than twenty years, I was born and raised in the Bronx and so claim dual citizenship as a New Yorker and a Californian. I’ve lived and worked all over the US and, for a while, in southeast Queensland Australia as well.

I have not worked in a library before. My day job since 1986 has been in various parts of the information technology industry. At the moment I’m the systems guy (“Systems and Storage Manager”) for a research lab at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Our lab studies brain imagery (usually MRI images) in order to better understand and treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, Post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

Before joining the lab I’ve worked in large companies, startups, and academia–you can see the whole history here.

On Friday I start an internship at the California Digital Library’s Merritt repository.

All of this (plus one more class at Syracuse) leaves my days really full. I am a night owl, so you will often see me posting at “odd” hours. They’re not odd for me, but they may be for you. :)

2 thoughts on “main() { printf(“hello, worldn”); }

  1. michael says:

    Welcome to our other WISE student. Glad you made it! I spent a short amount of time in Queensland doing research in 2009 – it was wonderful. Sorry to see the flooding news today.

    • Henry Mensch says:

      That happens every summer (winter for us up here). When I lived in Surfer’s Paradise it rained so hard two week after I arrived that the waters were lapping at my back door. Still, the rains weren’t as bad as they have been lately, though …

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