the end of semester … but not really.

This time of year usually brings some relaxation as classes are over and I usually take the summer off from school. This year is different: due to a variety of issues which came up during the past semester I still have a class to complete by the end of the summer … and my internship […]

on committee service …

Many months ago … sometime last year … I saw an announcement (I think it was through ACRL but can’t be sure) calling for volunteers for committee service. I had never served on any ALA committee and am new to librarianship so I figured that, while I’d try, I wouldn’t expect much. I went to […]

end of semester!

So … just a few weeks ago I was concerned about finding an internship and figuring out classes for the spring. I’m down to three classes for the spring and may drop one more before the semester starts … The internship, however, has turned out nicely. Just a few days after I last posted here […]

what’s going on lately

I’m taking three courses: Introduction to Digital Data (formerly Introduction to Digital Libraries), Copyright for Information Professionals, and Grantwriting. The semester is winding down with about two weeks left. I am looking forward to the end of semester, but maybe not so much since that just means a few weeks to the start of next […]

thing 2: exploring others’ blogs …

This isn’t a first–I try to follow quite a few blogs with Google Reader.  The volume can be enormous, but I continue to add new blogs anyway.  You see, I can’t really tell how prolific a blogger may become when I start following their blog. Of course, I can look at their blogging history, but […]