thing 2: exploring others’ blogs …

This isn’t a first–I try to follow quite a few blogs with Google Reader.  The volume can be enormous, but I continue to add new blogs anyway.  You see, I can’t really tell how prolific a blogger may become when I start following their blog.

Of course, I can look at their blogging history, but things change over time and some folks pick up steam over time while others peter out.  Also (at least with Google Reader) I can pick and choose what I read–I don’t have to read every post in every blog, so I don’t.  Picking and choosing is what makes this enterprise possible at all.  It is ok to hit the “Mark all as read” button–anything important will come up again, perhaps in another venue.

I did poke at a handful of the blogs listed here but many of them seem to be not-yet-started or stale … I’ll come back and have a look later in the week.