my love/hate relationship with QR codes

it’s sad, really. qr codes seem like a really good way to get dense chunklets of information out to people. but, you know, it’s not always a great way to do this. last night i sat at a bus shelter–the 24 divisadero had ten minutes to arrive and i’m sitting in one of our new-fangled […]

library feeds i follow

i’ve been following many of these for at least a year. some have gone idle for a while, and some are rss feeds of more active places (so you might get 40-50 items per day). i don’t read every item, nor do i read every day (sometimes the quantity is just too much). a few […]

atlas: on knowledge creation

i never expected that most uses of libraries led to knowledge creation … at best i figured for knowledge duplication. i knew that media in the library wasn’t, in itself, knowledge, and i knew they didn’t contain knowledge (they contain representations of information, of course). i had this idea that knowledge creation ultimately led to […]

atlas: the mission thread

i’ll get a bit ahead of myself and say that much of what i’ve read in the atlas makes me feel like i’m exactly in the right place. the atlas has given me words for some ideas that i’ve never had concise expressions for before. this is, obviously, good news for me. about the mission […]

social media in libraries?

This may be a result of my newbie status, but I feel like there’s rather a lot of participation in social media by librarians and information workers, but not nearly as much social media reaching out to information users. At the moment I have at least thirteen librarian and library blogs in my instance of […]