library feeds i follow

i’ve been following many of these for at least a year. some have gone idle for a while,
and some are rss feeds of more active places (so you might get 40-50 items per day).
i don’t read every item, nor do i read every day (sometimes the quantity is just too much).
a few institutions which i considered and did not attend are also represented below.

the links below are all to the rss feed (so when you click on the link your rss reader will open).

agnostic, maybe … andy woodworth’s blog. he’s a library advocate, a mover and shaker, and he got the old spice guy to make a video which advocates for libraries. what’s not to love?
american libraries magazine (a publication of the a.l.a.)
b sides – the journal of the university of iowa school of library and information science — an open-source peer-reviewed journal
book patrol
the california digital library
closed stacks
first monday, one of the first open-access peer-reviewed journals on the internet
free range librarian
hack library school … meant for library and info science students
su ischool events
su ischool news
journal of library innovation
library link of the day
library on/library off
swiss army librarian
tame the web
teleread: news and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics
the digital immigrant
this week in libraries
school of information, university of michigan
virtual dave, real blog … dave lankes’ blog

go ahead and check them out ..