summer plans

My classes ended last week–while I’ve enjoyed school so far the break is welcome. I’ve been at this since last June (in addition to my day job responsibilities), and it’s nice to not have the extra work and responsibilities … at least for a few weeks.

While I’m not taking courses this summer, I’m not taking a total vacation from learning … here’s what’s on the list for the summer:

  • CPD23 … 23 Things for Professional Development.  There are things to be learned here, and I’m hoping this will keep me interested in blogging.  I see so many blogs out there on all kinds of library-specific topics, and I drift about wondering what I could contribute to the mix.
  • SLA Annual Conference … this year it is in Chicago, which I haven’t visited in a while.  The goal isn’t to visit Chicago, but to network and learn.  Admittedly, I’m not excited about midwest weather in July, though.
  • There’s even more to do at the ALA Annual conference in Anaheim.  For both conferences there are applications which attendees can use to plan their experience, and this is a good thing–there’s even more to do here.  A visit to the Mouse is also likely.
  • and … something technical.  I haven’t written programs in a while, so it may be time to do this again.  Learning Python would be appreciated at the day job, and that might be what I end up doing … or maybe not.

SO: lots of meetings and lots of networking to be done.  There’s also sleeping in late, being sociable for a while, figuring out what to do for an internship next year, and thinking about the next academic year.